Everyday, around the world, 1.4 billion continue to live in extreme poverty. That’s incomprehensible. Seriously. ‘We’ (the minority who are lucky enough to live in developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, etc…) just have no idea.

Man with his children from an impoverished area of Davao

Man with his children from an impoverished area of Davao

But for anybody who’s been to the poorest slum areas of countries like Philippines, Kenya, Colombia, or Bangladesh – our lives will never be the same again. Coming face to face with awesome people who just have no hope in life is heart-rending, and suddenly we realise that to ignore their daily life-or-death struggle is callous in the extreme.

Of course, not everybody has millions of dollars to inject into humanitarian aid. And not everybody should be expected to go as a worker into the slums, rubbish tips, or barren villages of the third world. But everybody can care. And that’s why this site exists.

One way to care is to remain informed.

Another way to care is to encourage the great work of indigenous and multi-national community and humanitarian development works.

Increasingly, however, business people are considering how they can use their businesses and commercial opportunities to drive radical improvements to the standard of living for those in the most under-privileged situations. Business has the potential to impact far more broadly and sustainably than ‘charity’ ever could. In the 21st century business people with a heart are looking for ways to create opportunities for entire communities. And, critically, they’re seeking out new innovations that will deliver affordable yet life-changing products and services to tangibly increase the earning capacity and standard of living of the poor.

This site is intended to be a melting pot of ideas, with articles by our own team and guest contributors, discussion, comment, and hopefully some innovations of our own to stimulate ideas and creative thinking to solve global issues.

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