AktivConnect TCO4 is the company’s most advanced GPS/Glonbutt tracking device designed for the most complex truck monitoring and control solutions. In addition to monitoring the key parameters of the vehicle, TCO4 can read and transmit the vehicle’s on-board computer data.
Our device all vehicles incl. Volvo trucks. TC04 reads data from on-board computers via FMS, LCV and J1708 interfaces and generates remote transmission of digital tachograph data.
The WT-TCO4 reads data from cooling vehicles from ThermoKing, Optitemp and Carrier and it reads the driving style. The device may also diagnose faults in the on-board computer (OBD) of the vehicle.
Aktivconnects device is compatible with the vast majority of devices and sensors. The 2xRS232 and 1xRS485 interfaces can be used simultaneously. The integrated battery allows the device to transmit data for up to 4 hours after disconnecting from the power resource.
The device can automatically intercept and report signal disturbances. The GEO-zone function allows specific actions even if the communication has been lost.



  • Vehicle Tracking and monitoring
  • Fuel level monitoring in tank
  • On-board Computer data reading
  • Digital Tachograph Data
  • Monitoring of temperature and refrigerator
  • Driver identification
  • Improving and securing safety
  • Specialized vehicle monitoring and control solutions
  • Communicating with Driver
  • Fuel-Optimizing driving

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