WT-600-3G Tracker

The WT-600 3G with 3G features and better tracking is ideal for tracking and managing fleets. The WT-600 3G has not only traditional tracking features like geo-fence, SOS alarm, speed overrun, but also has the option of door detection, remote control cut-off (gasoline/electricity), etc.

Active Connect GPS Tracker WT6003G is registered by insurance & Pension.


The active Connect electronic logbook keeps track of the company’s overall driving, so that both business and employees avoid a tax bag. All driving is documented via GPS, and data is stored to avoid all the hassle. Our solution meets Skat’s requirements for driving accounts.

Note that the active Connect E-logbook can be used both when driving in a company car and when driving in your own vehicle



  • Remote control cut-off (gasoline/electricity): This function allows after the engine has stopped, for example, a Fuel supply (not interrupting while driving, for safety reasons)
  • WCDMA & GSM: Use 3G network (excellent coverage)
  • Web tracked by: SMS, APP, Web (reports location in real time via different interfaces)
  • Configurable tracking modes: location uploaded by fixed distance, time interval, preset turns etc.
  • SOS Emergency Call: Urgent call button during emergencies
  • ACC Detection: Realtime reporting when you need it
  • Alarms: Vibration Alarm function, speed overrun. Possibility to turn off/disconnect the car in violation of Geo-fence
  • Monitoring range: ≤ 5 meters
  • Antenna: Built-in GPS ceramic antenna; GSM QUAD BAND Antenna
  • LED Indicator: GPS (blue), GSM (green), Power (red)
  • Operating voltage: 9-36VDC
  • Operating temperature: 450MAH/3, 7V industrial Lithium Polymer battery
  • Operating Humidity: 5%~95% Non-dense
  • Built-in Battery: 450MAH/3, 7V industrial Lithium Polymer battery
  • Standby Time: 4 hours
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 98 × 52 × 15mm
  • Weight: 80gr.


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