Heart Pilots – Together We Can Save Each Other!

With the help of our Aktiv Connect tracking devices, a professional team and setup ensures that all Heart Pilots in the entire country are positioned precisely. Should a person have a cardiac arrest and the need for help thus arising, you know at all times where the Heart Pilots are and how long it takes them to get from their current position to a given address in their immediate vicinity.

What is a Heart Pilot?

Cardiac pilots are a complete infrastructure that connects voluntary and professional rescuers in an integrated system where the goal is to save more lives in the private homes and areas in Denmark where the ambulance has a long response time. Ca. 70% of the total approx. 4000 cardiac arrest per year occurs in private homes. In the event of a cardiac arrest, shock should occur within 5-6 minutes to increase the chance of survival.

When a person falls with a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival are reduced by 10% for every minute that passes. Heart pilots will be a complement to fast and effective treatment.

Read here whywe need Heart Pilots.
Heart pilots want to save lives and by using the short response time, Heart pilots can help make Denmark one of the safest countries in the world when it comes to survival in the event of acute cardiac arrest. Watch the video below to see why Danish Freighters chose to become Heart Pilots: Show clips

The quality is top notch!

A Cardiac Pilot has taken an approved training in life-saving first aid with cardiac arrest, and all Cardiac Pilots must attend maintenance courses in accordance with guidelines for the Danish Resuscitation Council.
Our heart starter is very user friendly and the quality is absolutely top notch. Professional guidance ensures correct heart lung rescue.

Member of the Association of Cardiac Starters

Heart Pilots is a member of the Cardiovascular Industry Association, working to increase survival after cardiac arrest outside hospitals. They do this, among other things. by setting minimum requirements and standards for the members of the association so as to ensure a joint guarantee of quality.

Who is the Heart Pilot and who can it be?

Heart pilots are people who drive around the Danish highways. It can be both private drivers and commercial drivers such as freight cars, taxis, guard and security cars, municipal cars, home helpers, Flextrafik and many more. Everyone has in common that they drive around the Danish country roads at all times of the day.
In other words, we can all become Heart Pilots. Click here to see how YOU become part of the team.

What can you do now?

You, your fleet manager, director, department manager, driving officer, or any other decision maker, can contact us completely without obligation and get much more information about the concept.