There can be many reasons why an overview of where a vehicle, person, machine or something else is needed is needed. Our systems are designed and set up individually to the customer’s wishes.

Active Connect solutions enable the collection, monitoring and analysis of all data parameters associated with the operation of the vehicle / asset for the purpose of improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

The possibilities are close to endless, we can mention here some of the frequently used: 


With our solution you can from the office ensure an overview of the company’s assets, their location and use around the clock. 


The solution keeps track of the company’s overall drive, so that both the company and its employees avoid a tax break. 


Provides an overview of the company’s total fleet so that you can optimize driving to achieve significant fuel savings. 


Eg. suitable for travelers, children, elderly people with memory problems, security guards etc. Among the solution’s most useful features are two-way calling, which allows communication with the tracker device. You can call the tracker at any time from a predefined number of phone numbers.

It allows you to listen to the specific environment in which they are being tracked. The sound from the built-in microphone can be recorded on a central server. 


If you are unlucky to be affected by theft of e.g. your car, motorcycle, camper, caravan or boat, our units can help you get on track. You can view the current position of the vehicle at any time and use the information yourself, or provide it to the appropriate person. Eg. the police.

If your insurance company requires, recommends or rewards you to insure your car, motorcycle, motorhome or similar. With satellite monitoring, our Active Connect devices are both an effective and recommended solution. Our units are registered with Forsikring & Pension, which means that they meet any requirements for your insurance company.

It is important to note that your insurance company will require the GPS tracker device to be fixed. Therefore, assembly of the unit must be done by an authorized installer and documented with an installation declaration.

We have a team of trained and competent installers across the country.

Our unit provides safe and secure monitoring throughout Europe from a 24-hour control center and the annual subscription includes SIM cards as well as all telecom expenses. 


  • Everyone who needs an overview of eg. its stock or vehicle. It could be:
  • Individuals
  • Insurance requirements
  • Classic & special vehicles
  • Industry
  • Construction plant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Transport
  • Leasing Companies
  • Car rental
  • Car Dealers
  • Bus Business
  • Machinery rental
  • The public
  • Municipalities
  • The military


The possibilities with Active Connect are many more. We are ready to advise you. Contact us and hear more about the many options our tracking devices offer.